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How to be good in bed | girls | toptips

Great advice, just wanted to pass it along.   5 and 6 should probably change order….

5. Make sure your sheets are clean. 6. Swallow. 7. Ask him for what you want. 8. Let yourself go. He’s not thinking about how fat your thighs are, or how small your boobs may be. He’s thanking god he’s in this moment. 9. Learn to put a condom on with your mouth.

via How to be good in bed | girls | toptips.


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WX 13

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cereal killer on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

I love the no nonsense, get to the point, assertiveness of this message.

cereal killer on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

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How convenient?

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My New LinkedIn Account

pic_logo_119x32I signed up for a LinkedIn account today.  If you have one, look me up at john.gills@gmail.com.

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Coolest Skate Deck Ever


This is by far the coolest skateboard design ever.   I want one.


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1st Time On Beach

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

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Top 5 Songs of 2008


5.  Santogold – LES Aristes

It’s cool, it’s chill.  Love the lyrics:

What am I here for
I left my home to disappear is all
I’m here for myself
Not to know you
I don’t need no one else
Fit in so good the hope is that you cannot see me later
You don’t know me
I am an introvert an excavator
I’m duckin’ out for now
a face in dodgy elevators
Creep up and suddenly
I found myself
an innovator


4. Kanye West – Love Lockdown

Lockdown is popular with everyone from 8 to 80 and has topped the charts, but it is an undeniable gem in a wasteland of crappy pop hits.  The tribal beat on Kanye’s cracking over produced voice captures an emotion that I’ve been feeling all year.


3. Blitzen Trapper – Black River Killer

A smooth Johnny Cash tale of naive forgiveness and uncontrollable evil over a hypnotic acoustic guitar melody.   The hip hop sine wave that follows each chorus sounds like a alt-country tune written by Warren G.


2. Atmosphere – You

This is the get up and live track.   Classic Atmosphere.   White boy angst.  Tales of white girl drama.  The whole album is a bombshell.


1. The Duke and The Duchess – Reservoir Park

The track would have fit nicely into the Young Guns soundtrack, the movie retelling of the exploits of Billy The Kid.  The Duke and The Duchess have found the sound.   You’ll mistake it for a Rolling Stones song you never heard.   A cold expression of fatalism over an acoustic guitar.

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Complete Album Leaks – Entire Atmosphere Discography

Great source of complete album leaks


Atmosphere fans, here’s the entire discography:


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Shepard Fairy has teamed up with Andy Howell of Element Skateboards, an old friend and influence to produce an Obey series of skateboard decks for artsprojekt.   The boards are available for purchase on Zazzle.   The designs are classic Obey stuff.   I definitely want one although I’d want to hang it on the wall, not skate on it.



OBEY SKATEBOARDS: Products: Zazzle.com Gallery

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