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Barack Obama » cubeecraft.com

Cubecraft has crafted a Barack Obama paper doll that you can assemble.

Pretty damn cool.


For Lost fans, there’s a John Locke.

I’ve crafted the Halo Master Chief, Stormtrooper and Dr. Venture.  Works best if use a slightly thick paper stock.


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Viva Pinata Is Affecting My Job

My daughter is 12 and she plays Viva Pinata on the XBox 360 constantly. In the game you raise a virtual garden of pinata creatures with animal names like Quackberrys (ducks), Buzzlegums, and Shelleybeans. She says she has to play until she beats the game which I don’t understand. You build gardens all by yourself; there’s no competition. How do you beat someone at building a garden?

Either way, the game is affecting me. I just designed a mockup for a client’s website and it was the most silly, playful, childish design I’ve ever done.

Yes, that is a cow.

Yes, that is a cow.

I thought it worked in a Ben-N-Jerry’s, save the earth sort of way. The client was not impressed. “I’m for being green and saving the Earth and all. But, what is that, a cow?” he says to me on the phone today. Take a look, tell me what you think.

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