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Happy with HostMonster

Shared hosting providers have going down the tubes lately.   While the price of hosting has plummetted, so has the technical support and the frustrations that I’m experiencing with common tasks including accessing API’s, Curl, & PHP GD-Library. APlus.net requires you to submit the IP’s of the API’s that you are accessing, no host name which becomes a problem with multi-server services like FedEx.  A Verio tech support person refused to test my 2 line stupid simple upload script because they don’t trouble shoot custom code and also refused to escalate me request to a manager.   After contacting the “President’s Customer Care” line, support resolved the issue since the problem was on their server.

Right now, i’m sending all my shared hosting account cannidate clients (usually simple sites, new to the web businesses) to HostMonster.com.   I now have 10 customers hosting with host monster now and they are all much happier than before with the hosts I mention above.  So, I decided to become an affiliate for hostmonster.   If you are purchasing some new hosting anyway, use hostmonster.com.   You have my recommendation and I make a few bucks that I’ll blow on alchohol.





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