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Mixwit – My Suggestions

At Mixwit, you can create your own digital mixtapes and share with friends.I love Mixwit’s service and sent them an e-mail with my own suggestions.

Mixwit was kind enough to personally respond back.


Great suggestions! We’re working on this.


On Sun, May 4, 2008 at 2:05 PM, wrote:

great app. love it. I would like a “your mix is like…” feature based on similar song choices. also, mix pics take long to load. Are you creating the thumbs on the fly. Seems like you could cache the image somehow.

also, i’d rather subscribe to a user’s mixes then just favorite one mix. if they made one good mix, they’d probably make other good mixes and i wouldn’t mind if you notified me when that user made a new mix.

Michael Christoff
Mixwit Cofounder

Sadly, while trying to post this mix, I’ve discovered that the “Post to WordPress” link doesn’t work too well. So I can’t embed the mix in this page. Sux!


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