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FriendFeed Querk

FriendFeed’s ability is to connect you to Digg or any Blog just based on username makes is a very easy tool to use.  No invasive procedure of handing over your password to your e-mail account to every new site you sign up with.   If I add my Digg username, “happyStalking” to FriendFeed, the site goes through Digg’s databases looking for any aticles i have dugg, made comments on.., etc.   How convenient?   The same is true for any blogs I have on the web.  I just provide the URL of the blog and if I want to filter the articles posted to just articles that I have authored, I simply provide my username.

But what happens if I provide a URL that I don’t actually participate in and a username that is not actually me?   In this case, I chose the popular www.techcrunch.com and the author name I chose was Michael Arrington (my pen name on the web).   Now my FriendFeed is full of Arrington posts (that guys busy).   And my facebook profile posts my Arrington posts on Facebook. 

Also, I chose some random dude’s username on Digg.

Highlighted below are the FriendFeed entries that I didn’t have anything to do with.


hacking friendfeed



I’m sure if I was smart enough, I could use this querk to make myself look much more important than I really am.   Let’s say I was looking for a tech job and connected with a potential IT employer to my LinkedIn profile where I had posted many insightful blogs about my industry and shown a serious interest in the most erudite IT topics on Digg.   “This guy would be great.  He know his stuff.” my future employer would think to himself.


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